dedicated to bringing them back is dedicated to celebrating the most iconic fire apparatus in the national fire service. This site is designed for anything and everything related to tractor drawn aerials including photos, videos, stories, history, etc. This webpage was created to provide a place for people to come to learn, absorb, and discover the significance of the tractor drawn aerial.

Because a tractor drawn aerial is unique in its design and function, there are many different considerations and requirements when looking to purchase this type of apparatus. This site focuses on the use of specific design elements required to operate a tractor drawn aerial and their purposes. 

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Each individual department building a tractor drawn aerial may have their own specific requirements and needs. However, by sharing this information the goal is to ensure everyone has the knowledge to make educated and effective decisions when purchasing a tractor drawn aerial.  By highlighting the essential components of a tractor drawn aerial, the hope is to prevent some of the common pitfalls that occur during the design phase. 

This site is not intended to disparage any design, manufacturer, or end user. The opinions expressed on this site are in no way affiliated with any particular department or manufacturer.



Celebrating and sharing information related to tractor drawn aerials