Tractor-drawn aerials are some of the most exciting, unique apparatus to watch and drive, but a smooth, safe, effective Driver/Tiller Operator requires an immense amount of training and coordination. The days of “on the job training” should be a way of the past. A formal training program, universal terminology, comprehensive techniques, and driving rodeos need to be part of the learning process. A skilled tiller operator and driver are essential to an effective fire response. Bringing firefighters to a high level of skill is no easy task and can be a significant challenge.  Our training program identifies the principles, concepts and dynamics of driving and tillering a tractor-drawn aerial. The skills developed during our course will prepare the student to overcome the common pitfalls that tractor-drawn aerial operators encounter. Our training incorporates dynamic video examples of past and current accidents to illustrate and reinforce the importance of using the skill-sets that are learned in this course to prevent future accidents from occurring. Students will be trained in the  methods that are essential for a tractor-drawn aerial operator to achieve and maintain proficiency.