The tractor drawn aerial is the most maneuverable aerial apparatus available, even though it’s much longer than a straight frame aerial. They are able to navigate around obstacles and get in and out of tighter congested areas. This gives it the ability to steer into locations that a straight frame aerial is unable to. This capability provides the opportunity to get closer to a structure for firefighter access or victim rescue. In certain locations, a straight-frame aerial would require a three-point turn to make access or would simply have to park and walk their equipment to the fire location.

  • Highly maneuverable because of the fifth wheel articulation and the ability to steer the rear of the trailer around obstacles.
  • More maneuverable than straight-frame aerial, even though the tractor drawn aerial is longer than straight-frame apparatus.
  • More maneuverable responding in and around narrow streets, traffic circles/calming circles, parked cars, cul-de-sacs and traffic projects.
  • A tractor drawn aerial can simply access areas a straight-frame aerial cannot. 
  • Because of maneuverability, the turntable on a tractor drawn aerial can be manipulated closer to buildings compared to a straight-frame aerial.
  • The tractor drawn aerial is able to navigate into urban developments with tight access to apartment complexes, condos, offices, and college campuses.
  • Maneuverable allows for Increased on-scene access (where straight-frame aerial has trouble making access and must use 3-point turn, swing wide into oncoming traffic, go around the block, or back up)