Classroom training

FUNDAMENTALS & SKILLS: Techniques and principles on how to correctly maneuver a tractor-drawn aerial both forward and backwards are taught.  Students are educated on the relationship between the tractor and the trailer and how it is imperative that they work together to be successful. Students will learn and identify the specific responsibilities that are inherent for both driver and tiller operator. Students will leave the classroom session understanding how imperative it is that there is effective teamwork and communication between the driver and tiller operator.

CASE STUDIES: Dramatic and powerful examples of real world accidents are used to illustrate and reinforce the importance of using the skill sets that are taught in this class to prevent future accidents from occurring. The students are given the opportunity to dissect, explore, and break down the origin and cause of these catastrophic incidents.

TABLE TOP MODEL: The classroom training incorporates an interactive table top model that allows the students to visualize the concepts while still in a simulated environment. This atmosphere provides hypothetical scenarios to facilitate group discussion and problem solving. The model is a tangible tool for the student to manipulate and practice the skills; this in turn reinforces what is taught in the curriculum. The facilitator guides the group, maintains focus on the core objectives, and has the opportunity to evaluate the students understanding and knowledge of the concept. The table top exercises encourage students to participate in an interactive format.

TERMINOLOGY: Students will be introduced to terminology and languages that allow all members training to drive a tractor-drawn aerial to communicate using consistent vocabulary. New terminology will be presented as the course gets into advanced skills. Terminology and terms that will be discussed:

Tillering - Chasing - Pushing -Tacking - Crabbing - Over steering - Correct back to Neutral - Flatting out - Square off corner

VIDEO: This class incorporates dynamic video examples, including the “Raleigh/Seattle Accident Prevention Video” (developed and produced by our instructors). We use very unique and powerful video angles to demonstrate from both the Driver and Tiller Operator’s perspective.   These videos illustrate and reinforce the importance of using the skill sets that are learned in this class to prevent future accidents from occurring. The multi-media approach will demonstrate the excellent and inferior tractor-drawn aerial essentials.

ELEMENTS: It is incumbent upon the student to practice these fundamental skills in order to achieve and maintain proficiency.  While several of the concepts introduced in the curriculum appear simple, they can be quite challenging to master.  Although attentiveness and professionalism are keys to success, a positive attitude and a relaxed approach are equally important during this training. 

ADVANCED TECHNIQUES:  Students will be presented with new and advanced concepts that will enhance their skill level and give them the opportunity to challenge their own degree of comfort in these areas.