tiller intercom system

With modern fire apparatus the driver and tiller operator communicate using headsets. Before headsets they used intercom systems and before intercom systems the driver and tiller operator used a buzzer system to communicate. Tractor drawn aerials still come equipped with the buzzer system, however the intercom system is not a standard item and would require specifying with the manufacturer during the design phase.

Today’s intercom system is designed as a two-way communication system between both driver and tiller operators cab, they are hardwired from the tractor to the trailer. The intercom is a backup system to allow the driver and tiller operator to speak with each other in the event that the headsets were not working. The system is designed for challenging acoustic environments and to provide clear communication within the fire apparatus. These intercom systems are the same system that allows the driver at the turn-table controls to talk to the firefighter at the tip of the aerial. (Click to enlarge)