warning alarms

There are many warning alarms on a tractor drawn aerial that alert the driver and tiller operator. These alarms are both audible and visual, located throughout the tractor/tiller cab. The type of events that will produce an audible or visual alarm are things like jackknife, compartment open, apparatus doors open, seat-belt alarm, buzzer system for driver and tiller operator, and tiller operator not seated. 

alarm sounds

Because there are numerous audible sounds to designate specific functions on the apparatus, the audible alarms can sound familiar. It’s important to specify with the manufacturer, changing the jackknife and buzzer system alarm sounds, so they are distinctly different from the others.  


It’s very important that the driver and tiller operator are alerted to the potential that an alarm is activated; it is imperative that the visual alarms are located where the driver/tiller operator can clearly see them.

Placing low profile warning lights in the cab ceiling is a great location for visual alarms. They are easy to see by all and will not block visibility out the front windshield. (Click to enlarge)