turn-table steps

There are a variety of different styles and types of steps leading up to the turntable based off the manufacturer you choose. Depending on the manufacturer, you will have the capability of choosing how many steps you desire to help with the transition on and off the turntable. (Click to enlarge)

a Footstep

You will also find manufacturers that provide a footstep that sits under the main body of steps leading up to the turntable. This step can either be a stationary step or a fold-down step below the main group of steps. (Click to enlarge)


All steps will have handrails to help assist firefighters up and down the steps. You will generally be facing backwards as you leave the turntable to transition onto the steps. Handrail placement is important during this function as your hands naturally look for a place to stabilize during the shift in movement. (Click to enlarge)