compartments on top of the trailer

Sometimes placing a compartment on top of the trailer (if room is available) can be a great place to store additional equipment. This will depend on what manufacturer you use, the amount of available space under the aerial, and the space next to the aerial. 

compartments next to the aerial

A coffin box is a compartment that sits on top of the trailer next to one or both sides of the aerial. It is generally a pretty deep compartment that is opened while standing on top of the trailer or from the side. This box can be walked on as you move along the top of the trailer.  The coffin box is a great place to store extra cribbing or equipment for hooking up the waterway if the aerial is not pre-plumbed. (Click to enlarge)

compartments under the aerial

In this configuration, a  transverse compartment box spans the entire width of the trailer and sits under the aerial. This compartment can easily store the Stokes basket as well as other equipment. It is generally an open space with one door or has two separate compartments within the box with two doors. Depending on its location this compartment can hamper the tiller operator's sight lines and needs to be a consideration. Protecting the tiller operator's sight lines should take priority during the design phase. (Click to enlarge)


This box is still under the aerial, however it does not span the full width of the trailer so as to not block the tiller operator sight lines. (Click to enlarge)


This department designed a coffin box directly under the aerial. Of course the aerial must be elevated to gain access to this box. (Click to enlarge)