outside cord reel

Cord reels on tractor drawn aerials are either inside the apparatus taking up compartment space or are positioned on the exterior. If the cord reel is on the outside of the apparatus they are generally located above the fifth wheel on the neck of the trailer.

At your request, manufacturers can fabricate an enclosure around the cord reel for protection from the elements and to provide a surface to walk on when working on the trailer. Below is a great example of how Pierce built a pretty beefy box around the cord reel.

This example shows how Seagrave engineered the cord reel to be tucked down in the neck of the trailer. By utilizing the empty space inside the neck of the trailer, they are able to almost completely conceal the bulk of the cord reel.

Below is an example that demonstrates good old fashioned firefighter ingenuity and resourcefulness. The driver of this tractor drawn aerial fabricated his own step system for firefighters to walk on while working on top of the trailer.

KME enclosed this cord reel in a box positioned on the back top of the tractor.

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